AD2 All across the United States unwanted cars litter driveways, street parking garages, and occasionally yards. If you are sitting on a vehicle you no longer want, but have yet to figure out what to do with it, we are ready to make you a cash offer on the spot for your junk vehicle. That’s right, we will come to your door and take it off your hands and leave you money in its place. There simply is not an easier way to trade your junk car for cash than by getting in contact with us at
Your vehicle doesn’t have to be in operable condition, we will gladly bring a tow truck out to your location without any fee or penalty to the cash we offer and get that eyesore out of your life for good. Whether your car is dented, scratched, damaged, broken down, missing parts or wrecked, WE STILL WANT IT! If your vehicle is up and running, but you cant seem to find a buyer for it, We would love to give you a real chunk of money for it!
Unlike other car buying services, we are not in the business of hassling you or attempting to low ball you on the offer. We like our transactions to go as smooth as possible and, over the years, have discovered that the best way to have that happen is simply to offer you a fair amount of cash for your junk cars! Oftentimes, we offer a larger sum of money than you would gotten attempting to sell through some secondhand site like Craigslist, or some local forums.
In fact, there is no shortage of car sellers who have expressed surprise at just how much money they are offered when they are attempting to sell a junk car for cash, and we would like to extend that courtesy to you too! With FREE towing, the best customer service in the industry, scheduled pickups and ZERO WAIT for your money, there isn’t a better vehicle buying service in America. From Southern California to Northern Maine, we are prepared from coast to coast to come and pick up your car, truck, RV or motorcycle and pay for it right then and there, no matter its state.
Want to find out for yourself just how easy the process can be? Give us a call today at 1-844-309-7677, explain the kind of vehicle you have and its current condition, and we will give you an offer while you are on the phone. If you like the amount we offer you can schedule a pick up time and have hundreds, or thousands in some cases, in your hand!
We are ready to talk whenever you are and look forward to helping you get rid of the junker that has been dripping oil on your driveway for far too long. See ya soon!