When you decide to sell your junk car for cash there are many factors that come into play.  The three most crucial factors are:

1) The Year, Make, and Model

2) Are all major parts and systems still attached? (engine, transmission, body parts and catalytic converter) and

3) Is there any major body damage on the vehicle? There are other factors to consider as well, but those are the most important.

The person or business that buys your junk car for cash will either be sending your car to auction or to a scrap yard to be crushed and recycled.  If your car is considered “auction worthy” you will get more for it than if it is going to a scrap yard.  If your car is in high demand like a Honda, Toyota, or Hyundai, and has all the parts / systems attached and the body is in good shape, chances are you will get more money in hand when you sell your junk car for cash.

It is important to be realistic when you decide to sell your junk car.  Do your research online and figure out how much your car is worth.  Obviously, your car will be worth more if it starts and runs.  If your car does not start and run, don’t be discouraged, be informed.  Here is a “worst case scenario” to consider.  As of today, if your car is over 10 years old and does not start and run you can expect offers around $200-$250 for a small car, $300 for a mid-sized car, and $400 for a large car or truck.  Again, this is a “worst case scenario” the person or business that buys your junk car for cash may end up paying more.

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